Play Day on the Lake

About a week ago we had some of the nicest weather yet this year. Since we had looked at the weather beforehand we decided to head up to Lost Lake. Only being 2 hours outside of Portland It’s such a wonderful escape and I hadn’t been up in about 7 years. Once we arrived we thought about all of our options and decided that renting a little boat would be a marvelous way to spend a few hours. Of course a few hours turned into the entire afternoon. Reading, relaxing, floating and fishing on this beautifully serene lake nestled at the foot of Mt. Hood


I, of course, brought my camera along and was able to snap a few frames in between casting my fishing line into the water and hoping for a bite. Just being back out in nature and having my camera in my hand was so invigorating and motivating. I am really hoping to make several more little day trips, throughout the spring and summer, and catch whatever images and moments in time that present themselves to me.


Lost Lake web-1.jpg
Lost Lake web-2.jpg